Flattering your Figure for the Summer: Studying your Silhouette to Flaunt you Best Bikini Body

Like what they always say, no outfit is complete without a smile and killer confidence! This is especially true when it comes to wearing a bikini on the beach. But there are times that if you fail to pick and wear the right beach bikini swimwear for your body figure, the confidence can hardly do any magic on you. Australia is one of the countries blessed with magnificent beaches. Along with that, there are also many bikini brands like Zimmerman and IFBB Bikini Brisbane has today that paved the way for fashionable swimwear to become famous. Despite the many bikini brands out in the market today, the bikini and swimsuit shopping process has never been any easier. This is not because there is only a limited amount of swimwear styles, but mostly the fault of the confusion on how to choose the right bikini swimsuit to flatter different body silhouettes.

When picking a bikini swimwear at IFBB Bikini Brisbane has or any other bikini brands in your locality, you should not just base it on what you like and want. Knowing what is good for you and what is not will be of the most help to you on your quest for the best bikini swimsuit to flatter your figure. This article will help you study your personal silhouette to guide you in your bikini shopping.

Why is it important to know your body shape?

Say you’re browsing online shopping sites like those for bikini brands like Zimmerman and IFBB Bikini Brisbane has today with your best friend. You both like one specific style of bikini, so you decide on buying it right away in different colors. After trying it on, you see the difference of how it looks on your best friend as compared to how it looks on you. The difference is shocking, right? This is because what looks great on your friend and what you think is a great design doesn’t mean it will work on you and also shine in it. Study your body first and gauge your body shape with these pointers: Check out at http://glamfitbikinis.com/pages/ifbb-bikini-adelaide-brisbane-gold-coast-melbourne

Measure the:

–          Smallest point of your waist

–          Widest point of your hips

–          Width of your shoulders

–          Bust and bum size

–          Length of torso

Once you know the measurements of these parts, you can compare them with these different interpretations of body silhouettes:

·         Banana, I, Straight, or Rectangular Body Shape – If you are thin and slender all around including your limbs and bust area, this is your body shape. By checking your measurements in numbers, if you find that there is no significant difference between your bust, waist and hip measurements then this is your shape.

·         X shape, Hourglass, or Opposing Triangles Body Shape – Upon checking your bust and hip measurements, you find that they are almost of the same size. But when you check your waist, it is considerably smaller. This means that you have the classic hourglass body silhouette. read more

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