Tips on Choosing the Right Hair Salon in Bondi

There is nothing as bad as walking blindly into a hair salon, simply because it’s nearby, and walking out with the worst haircut ever. You would rather drive for miles and even pay a little bit more to get a haircut that will make heads turn for you. Choosing a hair salon Bondi option is not always easy. There are so many hair salons in Bondi but remember that not all of them are fit for you. Your tastes and preferences come first when it comes to selecting a hair salon Bondi option. You want a hairstylist who will produce the exact haircut that suits you. They must be experienced and vast with latest trends. When it comes to your hair, it’s obvious that you want something simply out of the ordinary. Here are some tips to keep in mind when looking for a hair salon Bondi option.


Your workmates and friends are the best resources when looking for a hair salon. They can give you valuable information about the best hair salon in town. If their haircut interests you, ask them where they got it done. Which particular stylist did their hair? How much did they pay? Were the salon employees friendly and respectful? Getting answers to all these questions will enable you decide if the salon is suited for you or not.


The field of hairdressing is all about art and techniques. You ought to look for a hair stylist who is both artistic and technical. With such attributes, they will be able to give you meaningful advice tailored on your facial features, personal taste and hair texture. You may ask them about their views on the latest trends. Can they do it? Do they participate in hair trade shows or in training workshops? Professional hair stylists attend professional events so as to learn new techniques.


An experienced hairdresser has most probably dealt with a client with similar needs as yours. They know the best haircut that goes well with your hair texture, color and facial features. An experienced hairdresser can advise you to try new styles or simply add some glint on your classic style. Besides that, they know of the best quality of hair additions; you are less likely to buy fake hair addition with the help of an experienced hairdresser.

Trusting relationship

You want to maintain one hairstylist for as long as you are in Bondi. This is a very wise thought because hopping from one hairstylist to another can end up damaging your hair. Your hairdresser understands your needs; he knows if your hair needs special attention and will be extra careful when handling it. As such, the relationship you have with your hair stylist is very important. Go for a hairstylist that you clicked with the first day you visited the salon. You will be confident to express your dissatisfaction if the stylist’s idea does not match with yours. If the salon does not give space for clients to give their views, do not hesitate to try another salon.